My little clipbooks for awk, winzip and PGP for Notetab, a superb editor

One of my most used applications is Notetab.
The author describes Notetab as followed:
»NoteTab is a top-rated text editor for Windows 95 and NT4. It is user friendly and yet feature rich with many innovative productivity tools. Whether you create web pages, write source code, send e-mail, take notes, analyse text, read files, or do anything related to text, you will certainly find NoteTab a worthy tool and a great time saver.«

Yap, it is a real time saver. Especially because of the great
clipbook feature. What is a clipbook? From the Notetab helpfile:
»You can think of the Clipbook as a visible clipboard with multiple text items that can be pasted in any document. The pasteable text item can be anything from a single character to thousands of lines of text. [...] A simple Clipbook syntax can be used to produce specialized Clipbook items. Thanks to this syntax, the Clipbook can also be used as a "Launch Pad" to open URLs and execute other programs (with or without the active document), send E-mail, and file management tasks. «
(why should I waste time describing it when Eric already has made it? *grin*)

The awk clipbook

A clipbook for editing and maintainig awkscripts. Some parts of it are also interessting for other programming languages (printf format is the same as in c for example).

The pgp_2 clipbook

The winzip clipbook